Corporate health

Face the full potential of your health platform with actionable biomarker insights.

Provide unique health insights

Give your users the full picture of their holistic health thanks to accurate biomarker data insights.

Increase user engagement

Keep users engaged with your platform by offering interactive tools that provide personalised health advice.

Rich data source

Equip HR professionals with insights to accurately assess the well-being of their workforce and take proactive action.

“IntelliProve is a captivating feature that triggers our users, makes them curious and invites them to take a health check on our platform”

- Sare De Caster, CEO Mindlab by BloomUp

How it works

1. Choose the biomarkers of interest

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Acute Mental Stress Score

ANS Balance

Respiratory Rate

Resonant Breathing Score

Mental Health Risk

Morning Readiness Score

2. Optimise your solution by leveraging real-time health insights

Make it personal

Achieve hyper-personalisation by linking biomarkers and insights to relevant content and modules.

Facilitate health evolution monitoring

Motivate employees and build loyalty with trend-based analysis of health progress to uphold a healthy lifestyle.

Augment health reporting

Improve analysis of your workforce’s well-being with accurate and objective reporting based on body parameters.

3. Achieve your business goals

Minimise burnout

Monitor your team's well-being using leading indicators and take proactive steps to tackle signs of burnout immediately.

Reduce absenteeism

Deal with health challenges preventively to improve efficiency and reduce absenteeism.

Increase employee engagement

Design an enriching health experience that encourages positivity and interaction.

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Start today, not tomorrow

The setup of our plug-in solution is swift and straightforward, requiring no deep tech know-how. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be your main point of contact throughout from kick-off to launch.


Integrating our software is as simple as it gets. During a product workshop and technical kick-off, we'll walk you through a few easy steps to start the integration process.


IntelliProve seamlessly integrates into your digital environment with just a single snippet of code. Use our documentation portal as your ultimate guide during software integration.


Start using IntelliProve right away and see how it makes your health solution better and stronger. After launch. we’ll continuously strive to maximise adoption, user engagement and product value.