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Supercharge your digital health solution with clinically-validated biomarker data from sophisticated facial scanning technology.

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Unmatched insights

Improve your well-being offering with health assessments that leverage clinically-validated biomarker data.

Personal guidance

Provide users with a digital companion that is tailored to their specific health journey, ensuring every interaction fits their needs.

Competitive edge

Unleash the power of AI to get ahead of others. Our cutting-edge software helps you stand out in a competitive market.

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Adopt a 100% software-driven solution that is fast, contactless, and does not require specialised equipment or wearables.

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Advanced health analysis integrated within your solution

Upgrade your health solution with our plug-in tool, designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing platform for a smooth user experience.


Users record a 20-second video of their face, capturing multiple focal points of interest.


Powerful AI analyses the video and extracts a set of clinically-validated biomarkers.


The biomarker data is used in your application to create a hyper-personalised health experience unique to each user.


Face the future of health

Our innovative health assessment software adds value to any digital health industry. 
Discover how it can improve your offering and boost user experience.


Future-proof technology at your fingertips

Our tool uses the camera in your device to track the blood flow in your face. Using advanced signal processing and machine learning, we interpret vital health indicators with precision.


The science behind IntelliProve

Learn more about IntelliProve's performance and the scientific principles that define our technology.

Validation Report: Accuracy and Precision Studies

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Whitepaper: Online Mental Healthcare Challenges

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An Optimal Filter for Short Photoplethysmogram Signals

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