IntelliProve welcomes Helan, elevating its well-being services with AI-powered health scan technology

In March, IntelliProve announced Helan as one of its clients, enhancing Helan’s health insurance service capabilities through IntelliProve’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered facial scanning technology. Helan Independent Health Insurance Fund is one of the largest health insurance funds in Belgium, with a total of 5,000 employees and approximately 1 million customers.

By leveraging IntelliProve’s advanced technology, Helan will bring its remote well-being services closer than ever to every customer in their own online environment. Following the health scan, and after answering some questions, Helan users will receive a detailed well-being report, complete with personalised tips and recommendations based on scientific standards, empowering the user to live a healthier lifestyle.

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“We want to place even more emphasis on lifestyle and health. To encourage our customers to make healthier choices, we must first give them more insight into this. This is where IntelliProve plays a key role.” says Kim Smets, prevention manager at Helan Independent Health Insurance Fund. “At Helan we always want to challenge ourselves and embrace innovation, which is why we are so excited about this collaboration. IntelliProve fits perfectly with our focus on simplicity, personal approach and digitalisation.”

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Joeri Tulkens, CEO and co-founder of IntelliProve shares the enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration proves that Helan is fully committed to innovation and digitalisation and is open to new technologies. It has always been our goal to make digital healthcare available to everyone in the most accessible way possible. We look forward to contributing to Helan’s service, offering its users objective insights into their overall well-being.”

This collaboration marks another milestone in Helan’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare and well-being services. Alongside existing partnerships with leading health tech companies like FibriCheck and SkinVision, this venture with IntelliProve reinforces Helan’s position as a leader in promoting well-being and health.

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