How a leading e-health platform is personalising mental health care for its users

In the rapidly evolving field of online mental healthcare and wellbeing, innovative solutions are paving the way for more effective and personalised user journeys. Mindlab, a leading mental healthcare platform in Belgium, has embraced the power of facial analysis technology to enhance their offerings and provide a unique user experience. In this customer story, we delve into Mindlab’s perspective on the added value of IntelliProve, the integration of technology with their platform’s content, and their experience with the IntelliProve team.

The Added Value of IntelliProve within Mindlab

Mindlab, one of the leading online healthcare platforms in Belgium, offers qualitative courses for common mental health challenges based on cognitive behavioural therapy treatment guidelines and manuals. For example, the platform is used to improve employee and corporate wellbeing. Despite the valuable content, Mindlab struggled with getting the right information to the right person, which is crucial to increase user engagement and retention. The lack of personalising the content to the users’ need is a common problem in the field. Mindlab decided to use IntelliProve to overcome these challenges.

Mindlab recognises the immense value that IntelliProve brings to their platform and users. By incorporating mental health assessment through face scanning, IntelliProve complements the subjective measurements gathered from questionnaires with objective parameters. This technology empowers users by providing them with tangible and measurable insights into their mental health status. “IntelliProve allows us to offer the user a kind of objective mirror” says Jan Lazeure, co-founder at Mindlab. Additionally, the face scanning feature acts as a captivating method that sparks curiosity and motivates users to take the test. With IntelliProve, Mindlab can offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to mental health assessment.

IntelliProve enhances the overall user experience and value of the Mindlab’s platform

Enhanced online user journey experience

Mindlab seamlessly integrated IntelliProve’s technology into their platform, aligning it with their existing mental health modules and content. Currently, users can experience the face scan in three different ways within Mindlab’s platform.

This well-thought-out integration strategy ensures that the technology becomes an integral part of the user journey, enhancing the overall experience and value of Mindlab’s platform.

IntelliProve brings the right information to the right user.

Support from the IntelliProve Team

Mindlab highlights the exceptional support provided by the IntelliProve team throughout the integration process. “There was regular communication about the status during and after rollout. Very satisfied customer as far as we are concerned!” says Jan Lazeure. From the initial stages to the final implementation, IntelliProve has demonstrated a commitment to delivering top-notch assistance. The IntelliProve team actively engaged with Mindlab, offering prompt and effective support, and maintaining regular communication regarding the status of the integration. Even after the implementation phase, the contact and support continues, solidifying Mindlab’s satisfaction with their partnership with IntelliProve.


Mindlab’s collaboration with IntelliProve has proven to be a game-changer in the field of mental healthcare. By incorporating facial analysis technology into their platform, Mindlab has unlocked the potential for objective insights and a more engaging user experience. The seamless integration of IntelliProve’s technology with Mindlab’s content and the exceptional support provided by the IntelliProve team have further solidified this successful partnership. As Mindlab continues to evolve and innovate, IntelliProve remains a trusted ally, empowering Mindlab and their users on their mental health journey.

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