Nuna and IntelliProve partner to combat stress with AI-powered solution

Danish health tech startup Nuna teams up with IntelliProve to integrate their facial scan technology in Nuna’s AI-driven mental health assistant. Today stress is identified as a major global health threat, impacting roughly one-third of the global population. Stress not only exacerbates mental and physical health issues but also leads to increased absenteeism and diminished earning potential, highlighting the urgent need for impactful and scalable solutions. In response to this pressing need, Nuna is proud to announce its strategic partnership with IntelliProve, a frontrunner in emotional and facial scan technology. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in AI-driven mental health solutions.

According to the CEO of Nuna, Jacob Beckmann, the magnitude of the stress crisis calls for innovative solutions that quickly and conveniently provide users with an understanding of their mental health situation. IntelliProves technology is instrumental in this regard as it provides evidence-based measurements on vital biomarkers and indicators for physical and mental health with 94% accuracy. The technology is backed by more than 9 years of academic and clinical research.

Nuna’s mental health assistant has been developed by psychology professionals and specialists in mental health technology and AI. Nuna will combine its AI chat assistant and sentiment analysis with IntelliProve's 30-second face analysis technology providing users with valuable insights into their mental and physical well-being. The integration of emotional and facial scans allows users to track their progress based on concrete data and receive personalised recommendations for psychotherapeutic tools within the Nuna app.

With IntelliProve, Nuna offers users a baseline emotional scan to measure their mental health score at the start of their journey. Regular follow-up measurements track changes in mental well-being, reinforcing users’ commitment to their mental health journey. Users can opt out of the facial scan feature if preferred, ensuring flexibility and high-standard data protection measures are in place to ensure that privacy concerns are addressed.

This partnership positions Nuna as a leader in the mental health app industry, leveraging IntelliProve's innovative technology for enhanced tracking and monitoring of user well-being. Both Jacob Beckmann, CEO and co-founder of Nuna, and Joeri Tulkens, CEO and co-founder of IntelliProve, express enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasising its potential to drive innovation in digital health care.

Jacob Beckmann, CEO and co-founder of Nuna: "In partnering with IntelliProve, Nuna shows our commitment to innovate within the industry by integrating cutting-edge technology. Our collaboration provides users with actionable insights, leveraging AI-driven analysis and facial scanning to personalise their journey towards improved well-being."

Joeri Tulkens, CEO and co-founder of IntelliProve echoes the sentiment: “This collaboration proves that Nuna is fully committed to innovation and digitalisation, crucial to remain best-in-class in the field of mental health care. This is a great example of how digital health technology can be made accessible easily and conveniently and support the user through a digital health journey. We look forward to taking Nuna's services to the next level and offering its users unprecedented insights into their health and well-being.”


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