The face scan that fuels digital health

Integrate clinically-validated biomarkers from our facial scanning technology into your digital health solution.

1. Capture

Users record a 20-second video of their face, capturing multiple focal points of interest.

2. Analyse

Powerful AI analyses the video and extracts a set of clinically-validated biomarkers and insights.

3. Personalise

The biomarker data is used in your solution to create a hyper-personalised health experience unique to each user.

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Adopt a 100% software-drive solution that is fast, contactless and does not require specialised equipment or wearables.

Integrated health assessment software

Instantly access health insights from your users with an interactive health assessment, integrated into your platform.


From video to biomarker and insights in less than 30 seconds.


Enable health checks anytime, anywhere.

No need for external sensors or connected devices.

Extract health insights with a regular camera of a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Biomarker insights

Empower your solution with clinically-validated holistic health insights. Use physiological and mental biomarkers for hyper-personalisation of your digital health solution.

Pick your objective parameters of interest and join the revolution in health assessments.

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AI-generated health feedback

Foster brand loyalty to your solution by returning AI-generated health insights. Give your users personalised advice on their physical well-being, mental resilience, mindfulness and energy & sleep during your online services.

IntelliProve insights combines face-scanned biomarker data with genAI technology and LLMs to offer human-interpretable explanations of the users well-being status.

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Unique user experience

Enhance user engagement with an unparalleled experience through interactive facial scanning with live quality checks and real-time feedback.

Provide a profound user experience within your own product environment and reactivate your users.

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The perfect plug-in for your platform

Why IntelliProve? Let's face the facts:


IntelliProve is designed for the digital world and easily integrates with mobile apps, web and platforms.

Device agnostic

Whether on a phone, tablet, or laptop: our plug-in is built to perform consistently across your devices.

Secure data protection

We prioritise your data's safety and adhere to the highest standards of privacy.

Trusted science

Rely on clinically-validated biomarkers for trustworthy health insights.

Uninterrupted flow

IntelliProve integrates seamlessly into your health solution without interrupting the user experience.


Achieve ultimate user satisfaction with guided face scans that are easy-to-navigate.

Certified as medical device

Our software is CE marked under the EU 2017/745 Medical Device Regulation.


Face the future of health

Our innovative health assessment software adds value to any digital health industry. 
Discover how it can improve your offering and boost user experience.

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