Simple setup, stronger health solutions

Two lines of code. That’s all it takes to integrate our plug-in solution and unleash the power of facial analysis.

Two code snippets

Our unique product design allows for easy integration: just add two lines of code to your platform's back-end for swift setup.


The plug-in offers a ready-to-use recording screen, along with a built-in quality check feature to help ensure smooth operation.


A responsive design allows for compatibility with various devices and screen sizes, ensuring seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Customise the UI theming and branding to seamlessly integrate the plug-in into your website or mobile app.

We prove to be a trusted partner

IntelliProve is more than just a software provider. We become a trusted partner through rapid implementation and ongoing support for your digital health solution.


Start today, not tomorrow

The setup of our plug-in solution is swift and straightforward, requiring no deep tech know-how. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be your main point of contact throughout from kick-off to launch.


Integrating our software is as simple as it gets. During a product workshop and technical kick-off, we'll walk you through a few easy steps to start the integration process.


IntelliProve seamlessly integrates into your digital environment with just a single snippet of code. Use our documentation portal as your ultimate guide during software integration.


Start using IntelliProve right away and see how it makes your health solution better and stronger. After launch. we’ll continuously strive to maximise adoption, user engagement and product value.

Dedicated support

Your success is our top priority. That's why you'll have a dedicated customer success manager by your side every step of the way - from kick-off to launch.

Product workshop

Prior to implementation, our experts work with you to define the optimal use case and seamless user experience for your needs.

Technical kick-off

A check-in with your technical stakeholders to walk you through a few easy steps to start the integration process.

Documentation portal

Stuck on something? Access our documentation portal and discover detailed guides, tutorials, troubleshooting steps, and FAQs.

Discover our developer portal

Your hub for implementation, customisation and development support

"Regular and clear communication was the norm during and after rollout. Very satisfied with the integration process."

- Jan Lazeure, co-founder Mindlab
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