TAP measures platform success using IntelliProve

TAP, a pioneering company in the digital well-being sector, has integrated IntelliProve’s health check into their innovative platform. TAP provides a holistic solution designed to enhance the well-being of individuals and employees. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance the measurement and improvement of users' well-being, aligning with TAP’s mission to provide comprehensive and effective well-being solutions. Additionally, opting for IntelliProve was driven by the objective of showcasing the platform's return on investment with objective data.

Providing users and organisations with unique health insights

According to CEO Matt Findel-Hawkins, the IntelliProve health check is seamlessly integrated into the TAP App, available on both iOS and Android platforms. "The IntelliProve health check will run on the TAP App and adds a tangible measure of our users' well-being." Matt explained.

This integration of the IntelliProve software offers users an innovative, fast, and reliable tool to monitor their physical and mental health. The ease of use and effectiveness of IntelliProve’s solution are expected to benefit both individual users and organisations by providing clear insights into well-being improvements along with actionable tips and strategies for further enhancement.

Fitting into TAP’s Vision

TAP’s vision for the future includes a strong emphasis on demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of their well-being platform. Demonstrating ROI is crucial in convincing customers of the solution's impact. Matt revealed that TAP had been exploring ways to measure well-being to validate the effectiveness of their solutions. "We were initially planning on building our own solution which would have taken lots of time and development cost so we feel a licensed relationship suits our needs better," Matt stated.

The decision to license IntelliProve’s technology instead of developing their own was driven by the need for a timely and cost-effective solution. This partnership not only positions TAP as a first mover in the market but also enhances its unique selling proposition. Moreover, with the integration of IntelliProve’s health check, TAP can now showcase the benefits of their VR well-being environments (TAP VR), making their offering more attractive to potential clients who are keen on adopting new tech solutions.

Unique method for platform effectiveness validation

The primary challenge TAP sought to address was the need for a fast and reliable digital solution to quickly assess users' physical and mental well-being during their app journey. This source of objective health data serves as a measure in order to prove ROI for the TAP Well-being Platform. IntelliProve’s technology met this requirement, offering a comprehensive tool to easily discover TAP’s top performing services by objective data insights.

This ultimately enhances user experience and efficacy, crucial in digital health retention. By partnering with IntelliProve, TAP has been able to provide their users with a valuable resource to track and improve their well-being, thus fulfilling a critical need in the digital well-being space.

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